Our approach is based on knowing where you are today and discovering where you want to be so that you can live in alignment with what you value.

Working together, we craft an action plan designed to build on the progress that you have already made. Along the way, we will continue to reassess and adjust your planning as your life changes.

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Client meeting

Our Process

We believe you should feel completely comfortable with the advisory team you choose. If we believe we can provide you with incredible value, we offer a three meeting Introductory Process that is completely complimentary. At the end of this process, we will determine together if we want to engage: there is never a hard sell or pressure to say yes.

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Our Services


Investment Management

Investing often feels like a roller coaster, or gambling, or a game you just can’t win. That’s why we will manage your investments in the context of your overall financial goals.

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Retirement/Financial Planning

Generally, our clients begin to think seriously about making sure they are ready for retirement when they are five to ten years from retiring.

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Income & Tax Management

No one wants to pay more in taxes than necessary. Cipolla Financial Advisors focuses on tax reduction strategies and we guide our clients through the seven crucial steps of the Tax Management Journey to allow them to retain as much as possible of what they’ve built.

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Our Team

We want to help you gain clarity on WHAT you are trying to accomplish and WHY it is important to you.

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