At Cipolla Financial Advisors, we do a lot of things, and most center around answering three pivotal questions:

  • Are you on track for financial independence?
  • How can your tax bill be reduced?
  • Can your investments be improved?


Three Lanes of Focus

Investment planning

Investment Management

Investing often feels like a roller coaster, or gambling, or a game you just can’t win. That’s why we will manage your investments in the context of your overall financial goals. 

When we know what we are planning for, we can develop an investment strategy that provides both growth and security amidst market headlines. Just like we don’t want fear to keep you from maximizing your investing potential, we also don’t want you to take more risk than you need to take. 

Components of our Investment Philosophy: 

  • Consistency: It is important to stay focused on your long-term investment strategy, which takes into consideration your specific investment goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance – not the media’s. 
  • Opportunity: Market swings are common and can be unnerving, but down markets can present buying opportunities.
  • Perspective: In order to keep market volatility in perspective, it is important that we maintain realistic expectations about investments, especially if returns move closer to their historical average.
  • Diversification: Best and worst performers vary from year to year. One year a particular type of security can be a star performer only to severely underperform the next year.
  • Strategy: As important as it is to develop a solid investment strategy, it’s equally important to ensure investments are reflective of your ability to withstand market fluctuations. 
Retirement planning

Retirement/Financial Planning

Generally, our clients begin to think seriously about making sure they are ready for retirement when they are five to ten years from retiring. You may have a lot of the same questions. How much will I have to live on? Where will my “paychecks” come from? Wil there be enough for me to travel/remain in my home/leave a legacy? What happens if there is another recession? 

In addition, you probably have other financial goals that matter to you. Travel, funding a child’s college or wedding, building your business or buying a house. The truth is there is never an end to financial decisions for us to make. So how do we get closer to these goals? By building a plan and working on the next set of actions that lead to progress. 

Tax planning

Income & Tax Management

No one wants to pay more in taxes than necessary. Cipolla Financial Advisors focuses on tax reduction strategies and we guide our clients through the seven crucial steps of the Tax Management Journey to allow them to retain as much as possible of what they’ve built.

This is especially important when it comes to planning where your retirement income will come from. You’ve spent a lifetime saving, and now you want to know how you’re going to use what you’ve built to live the rest of your life. We will design an Income Plan that considers both your short- and long-term needs. Empowering our clients to utilize what they’ve accumulated allows them to shift their mindset from “save and conserve” to “consume with confidence.”