Gina Mayclin


Operations Manager

Gina Mayclin’s foray into the world of finance began early when she joined a kids’ investment club, where she learned about things like interest rates and bought her first shares of a stock. (Disney, obviously.) She was not expecting to make a career out of it. Who knew that the Psychology degree she earned from UC Davis would dovetail so seamlessly with behavioral finance?

As our Client Service/Operations Manager (and general Wizard), Gina oversees our daily operations and knows the ins and outs of your accounts. She’s a great resource if you have a question and you don’t know who to ask. Passionate about client service, Gina has built a track record for exceeding client expectations on a consistent basis. She is constantly developing better processes to allow us to provide even greater value to our clients.

Gina tries to discover something new each day. She is currently having a blast exploring Improv and West Coast (aka “Modern”) Swing Dance. (And she still loves Disney.)


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