We believe you should feel completely comfortable with the advisory team you choose. If we believe we can provide you with incredible value, we offer a three meeting Introductory Process that is completely complimentary. At the end of this process, we will determine together if we want to engage: there is never a hard sell or pressure to say yes.


STEP 1 – Introductory Meeting

Our shared goal: to determine if there is a mutual fit.

  • Do you have problems we can help solve?
  • Does our philosophy make sense to you?
  • Do we both believe that we can build a plan that will provide you with maximum value?

    During this meeting, we will discuss your needs and share about the ways that we help our clients.

    If we agree to proceed after the first meeting, we will continue with our Introductory Process.


    STEP 2 – Discovery Meeting

    Like a physician, it’s important to diagnose before we prescribe.

    We firmly believe that money is simply a tool to fund the life you want, and every financial decision should align with that vision. We will be focused on understanding what’s truly most important to you. We’ll focus some on your money and a lot on YOU. (But don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to talk about money!)


    STEP 3 – Our Analysis

    In addition to our discussions, we will ask you to provide documents to help us understand your situation. We will apply our expertise and understanding of who you are to guide our analysis, resulting in plain-English answers to four critical questions:

    • Are you on track for financial independence?
    • Are you overpaying your taxes? 
    • Can your portfolio be improved? 
    • Can you eliminate, or at least reduce threats to your retirement? 


    STEP 4 – Assessment Review Meeting

    In this meeting, we will present your Financial Assessment. We will provide you with our analysis and recommendations to improve your finances. We’ll also leave plenty of time for you to ask any questions you may have.

    If you are happy with the information we have provided and are ready for us to start working with you, we will discuss the next steps to formalizing our relationship. Or if you still aren’t sure, we encourage you to take some time to think things over.


    STEP 5 – Think About It

    We are interested in forming long-term client relationships. To that end, we want you to feel completely comfortable with your decision to partner with us, so it’s important that you take as much time as needed to make a decision. Before deciding whether we should work together, you’ll want to consider the following questions:

    • Do I like/trust/respect the team at Cipolla Financial Advisors?
    • Will the benefits they provide exceed their cost?
    • Do I understand and agree with their investment philosophy?
    • Do their recommendations make sense to me?

    While we would love to work with you, if you decide that it’s not a good fit we will wish you all the best and every success.


    Welcome Aboard!

    If we mutually decide to work together, you officially become a client at this point, and we will begin implementing the recommendations that we’ve built for you.